Will you ever change?


Your life can change in a matter of seconds. No matter what the reason for it is, change is inevitable. It’s coming up to New Years now and everyone is trying to come up with resolutions. Lose weight, quit smoking, have more sex; they’re all pretty basic. And still, they aren’t life changing. I’m pretty sure the whole point of a resolution is to try and change completely. People make resolutions as a promise to themselves to be a better person, to do the things they never got to accomplish the year beforehand.

Does it really take until the end of the year to realise that you want to help people? And doesn’t it take like a day to organise yourself?

I was in hospital for a week last year and I was put in a bed beside the sweetest old woman I’ve ever met. She was like my ‘hospital buddy’ and she was probably the only reason I didn’t go completely insane in there. One night we got to talking about New Years resolutions. She said that every year for the past 20 years she gave up smoking. It lasted about one month, then the hype died down and she’d start to smoke again. She said resolutions are stupid and fake and “They are just a reason for human beings to feel better about themselves. But then, they go back to being the same person they were the year before.” This old woman had been diagnosed with lung cancer. She would constantly tell me (through her oxygen mask) that it wouldn’t have mattered if she quit, she would’ve gotten cancer anyway. And up until the day she died she still went out for a sneaky smoke when the nurses weren’t looking.

I smoke, and if I wanted to quit I would have done it a long time ago. I’m basically saying, if you wanted to lose weight you would’ve done it when you got fat, if you wanted to spend time with your family you would’ve done it already, if you want to learn something new, just do it! People don’t necessarily need a holiday to make them realise they want to change their lives. People just need to live their lives instead of obsessing over it.


If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

RIP Anna


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